European Institute for Medical Studies

a new concept of Graduate School accredited by NCFHE Malta ( license 2018-004)

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The European Institute of Medical Studies (EIMS) is new concept of Graduate School voted to postgraduate education and training for medical and dental professionals. Medical practitioners need to be able to combine ongoing professional practice with intensive training enhanced by operational research that is embedded in their practice and is a critical tool for reflective practice.

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Why Malta?

Malta is a sunshine mediterranean country. Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is designated the European Capital of Culture in 2018.

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EIMS goals

  • 1 Mission

    The Mission of EIMS is to serve the medical community in the provision of high-level training and research opportunities that support ongoing improvement in professional practice for the ultimate benefit of patients and the community.

  • 2 Vision

    The Vision of EIMS is of medical professionals that are in a sustained cycle of excellent practice, reflective professional development

  • 3 Aims

    provide short, high-intensive CPD modules using Malta as its operational base ensure that such modules can be accumulated for recognised awards and academic EU qualifications apply a modular training system for professionals engaged in daily practice support private professional courses with Expert in dental disciplines.

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