Corso abilitante all’Implantologia


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Location: Malta

Duration: 2 weekends


The course shall be held in Malta over two weekends. Since it is theoretically based, sessions will be in classroom and small-group format, with a mix of inductive and deductive approaches. The former presents specific case-studies and research results leading to the understanding of more general principles of basic surgical science for implantology.  The latter starts from such general principles and applies them to specific case studies and dental practice situations.

The learning dynamics is a strongly dialogical one since the tutors and participants are all professional peers with a range of experience and expertise that will be tapped during discussions.


At the end of the course  the learner will have acquired the responsibility and autonomy to:

address common clinical problems in oral surgery, including complications and emergencies

apply clinical protocols in oral surgery

apply the correct approach in surturing and flapless surgery

Prof. Andrea Mascolo    BIO


Dr.  Prof. Emilio Elibri

Dr. Prof. Massimo Radaelli

Qualified and practicing general dental practitionerrequiring modularised CPD leading to internationally oriented postgraduate training in implantology

euro 3000

1° MODULE: November 15-16, 2019

2° MODULE: February 28-29, 2020

    Il sottoscritto

    chiede di partecipare alla prova di ammissione al Bachelor in Igiene Dentale di REALD UNIVERSITY - Valona (Albania)

    La prova di ammissione si terrà il giorno 28 settembre alle ore 12:00 presso la sede di UNI.REALD di Valona in Rruga ”Zahir Pajaziti“

    i candidati ammessi alla selezione dovranno presentarsi muniti di un valido documento di riconoscimento (carta d’identità o passaporto) per sostenere la prova di ammissione.

    Vista l’attuale emergenza sanitaria mondiale, la prova potrebbe essere svolta online.
    I candidati saranno informati alla registrazione al concorso.

    ALLEGA documento identità in formato PDF ( MAX 2mb)

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